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Bank accounts


Bank account is an important link between any Cyprus company and its directors.

Respectability and reliability of the bank as well as the remote management of accounts allow the company to distribute and use financial resources effectively and with minimum time-cost.

Opening a bank account allows the use of the following bank services: money transfers, cash operations, conversion, collection, etc.
We undertake setting up accounts with the most prestigious banks in Cyprus providing the following services:

  • bank accounts opening;
  • support of corporate and personal accounts;
  • internet banking;
  • acquisition of credit/debit cards;
  • assistance in credits gaining.

Internet banking allows remote management of the bank account by means of your personal computer.
You can operate your account, get statements, and convert your assets into other currencies etc. at home or in the office. It also allows our clients to save on organization of settlement operations with suppliers, creditors, distributors, customers and agents etc and this the incontestable advantage in the hi-tech era in terms of the fast growing competition of companies.

There is no need for you to visit the bank in person. We will deliver all the documents for you to sign and you will know your account number on the same day.

The bank will deliver all the necessary data (credit/debit cards, passwords, test-key etc) to the address that you had provided after the opening of the account.

Opened bank account is a part and parcel for the successful activity of each company and for any part of business activity.